To those who have worked with Peggy either on property or as an Executive Recruiter, her style of seeing people in their entirety is key to maximizing their development as well as the organization they are a part of.

Through her integrity and unique approach, Peggy brings to both the world of Organizational Development and Human Resources, expertise that comes from experience, and a candor and professionalism that yields unbeatable results.  She has selected an elite group of HR professionals to join Olson HR Solutions as consultants.  Now, as work environments face overwhelming statistics of unhappiness at work, high turnover, and low engagement, she brings to the workplace a calculated approach to turning those critical points of an organization in a positive direction.

Olson HR Solutions is based out of Peggy’s home state of Minnesota.   She enjoys two adult daughters that are now successful in their own careers, both in finance.   She and her partner John currently reside in White Bear Lake, where they are able to spend time with her mother as well as her three adorable grandchildren.

Peggy Olson, CEO & Founder

Olson HR Solutions was designed around the hospitality industry. It’s founder, Peggy A. Olson, has over 20 years of experience in both hospitality operations and executive leadership roles. She has held the titles of General Manager, Manager of Organizational Planning and Development, Executive Director of Human Resources and most recently,  was  a Vice President and Executive Recruiter with TA Davis and Associates. Through her experience in working with both the individual and with a team, Peggy has developed and honed her methods of assessing and coaching a wide variety of situations and persons.

Olson HR Solutions was created to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses where a full time HR position may not be warranted. Through our research, we have found that many large organizations also have trimmed their HR function for cost containment reasons and are now seeing areas where their “people management” is suffering.

All companies, large or small, run on people. Whatever your product or industry, the individuals within your organization are not predictable. Life changes, business changes, ideas change, and markets change. While all companies control what they can, the human factor looms in the wings. Where an HR role may have seemed like a smart and logical downsize move, now in fact those unpredictable human factors can indeed begin to have huge financial impacts.

If you find yourself struggling with HR issues, cultural change, high turnover, or perhaps low engagement levels with your employees, then we would like to help.

About Olson HR Solutions